About Us

The firm which has been in existence for more than 45 years is headed by Adv. John Harris and by Adv. Yoav Harris.
The firms professional ability and and instant response and reporting time is highly appreciated by its clients both in Israel and abroad.
The firm regularly receives instructions from the foremost shipping and maritime law departments of international law firms. It's contacts with these firms enables Harris & Co. to provide it's clients with ship arrests in Israel and other legal services in all the major international shipping and maritime law jurisdictions.

The firm keeps abreast of English and other jurisdictions maritime law judgements and publications and utilises them to support and strengthen it's arguments and where necessary to contend with local precedents. In this manner we were able to re-introduce the concept of the "HIMALAYA" clause which had previously been rejected by our Supreme Court.
We have established Supreme Court precedents in Israel, including recently, a judgement which held that an insurer in a CIF consignment is bound by the Bill of Lading quantity stated in the insurance certificate.
We are known for our deep and wide legal ability in the Litigation sphere. This manifests itself in the clarity of our written and verbal pleadings and argument, our ability to obtain arrest orders from the Haifa Maritime Court and liens of civil courts within very short time frames, and for the quality of our cross examination.
These qualities contribute to our substantial "ship-arrest" practice and the ensuing litigation resulting therefrom.

Harris & Co. versatility is indicated by a case where the maritime Court refused to confirm an order of arrest holding that the obligation was not incurred by the vessels owner but by its operator. We then filed a Civil claim against the operator at the same time attaching the amount deposited with the maritime Court in substitution of the arrest of the vessel, on the basis that this amount had apparently been deposited by the operator. In this manner, in effect we were able to obtain security for the claim as if the arrest order had been confirmed.

Our team work enables us to act quickly and effectively. For example, in relation to a recent arrest of a vessel carrying steel coils, within few hours and before its departure from Haifa Port and after an arrest on behalf of other cargo receivers had been lifted, we were able both to attend on the vessel together with an expert we nominated and at the same time file a claim in rem and an arrest application together with the supporting documents, resulting in the vessel being re-arrested. Thereafter we filed an Application with the Court to have the vessel’s chief engineer examined before the Court. As a result the claim was secured by a P+I Club LOU for US$ 3.8 M and the Chief engineer was required to provide written answers under oath, before the vessel was towed for repairs in Turkey.

In the non litigation aspect of our practice we represent, shipowners, ship agents, freight forwarders, non vessel operators and also the shipping departments of Israel's two major Oil Refineries. This involves providing continuing legal advice relating to the various contracts of carriage required by them with the respective international shipping and commercial law implications.
Advising and attending in matters relating to the sale and purchase of ships and in the latter case attending to the legal documentation for the financing of ship purchases is a feature of our maritime law practice.
We are the authors of the Israeli Shipping Law section published by "Chambers" Global Practice Guides and the Israeli "Ship Arrest" section of Ship Arrest in Practice appearing in the web-site of shiparrested.com.

Adv. Yoav Harris is a regular contributor to the Israeli publication "Cargo" on maritime law matters. He also publishes articles in the international publication "Arbitration Watch" and is a guest lecturer in international law at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and a co-lecturer in civil procedure at the Haifa University.
His publications are referred to in Court Judgements including those of our Supreme Court.

Adv. John Harris is regularly invited to lecture at international shipping law conferences and seminars.

Harris & Co Legal services include:

* Ship Arrests
* Cargo Claims;
* General Average;
* Charter Disputes;
* Shipping
* Financing
* Corporate Law
* Commercial Litigation and Arbitration;
* Tax Law